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Within Reach: Mend App

by on August 9, 2018 0

When Elle Huerta couldn’t find the right mental health support online after a hard breakup, she decided to create her own. Meet the CEO and founder of Mend, the app that helps you get through a broken heart.


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Within Reach: Ray’s BBQ

by on August 1, 2018 0

Ray Ramirez went from selling $5 sandwiches in his backyard to owning the most popular BBQ restaurant in town. We met the Salvadorian-American chef to talk about the challenges of small business ownership, and the L.A. food scene.



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Hidden Figuras: Jovita Idár

by on July 26, 2018 0

Over a century ago, a young brown journalist named Jovita Idár stood up to Texas Rangers when they came to destroy her press.

An educator, journalist, activist and sometimes nurse, Idár is one of the most historically significant Texans that you’ve never heard of. And that’s no surprise.



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Sea of Change: Melody Klingenfuss

by on July 5, 2018 0

For our latest episode of Sea of Change, we meet Melody Klingenfuss, a 24-year-old organizer and activist.

Born in Guatemala, Melody came to the states as a 9-year-old girl and only found out she was undocumented while applying to college. She ended up graduating with a masters at 22 and becoming one of the youngest organizers at CHIRLA, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights. Today, she dedicates her time to towards fighting for comprehensive immigration reform.



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Folkslore: El Huevo

by on July 2, 2018 0

In this episode of Folkslore, we share how Margaret Renteria, also known as Nini, got better after being cleansed by a healer–with an egg!

The ritual is sometimes called “limpia de huevo.” It is a practice where one spiritually cleanses the body.



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