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Sea of Change: Lava Mae

by on March 18, 2019 0

Over a quarter of the total houseless population in the United States resides in California. (sourcePer Doniece Sandoval, the founder of Lava Mae, one of the most essential resources to help folks get out of houselessness is access to a clean shower and toilet. How will someone be able to find a job, rent a place, go to the doctor, if they’re unable to clean themselves? Founded in 2013, Lava Mae provides showers and toilets on wheels to folks experiencing houselessness across California.
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Be You: Alok Vaid-Menon

by on March 6, 2019 0

Alok Vaid-Menon have presented their work at 400 venues in more than 40 countries. Through their style, the stage, and poetry, the artist aims to challenge the gender binary; wanting ‘man’ and ‘woman’ to be able to exist without having to be in tension or in opposition.



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Be You: Gabriela Ruiz

by on February 27, 2019 0

Gabriela Ruiz is a multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Her pieces, primarily sculptures and performances, focus on allowing Ruiz to heal from past traumas. In this episode of Be You, we dive into Ruiz’s monochrome dreams and come to understand how her childhood conception of home came to influence her most recent installation, Haus.



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BESE Meets: Tomasa del Real and the Underground Neoperreo Scene

by on January 30, 2019 0

In a corner of Iquique, Chile, successful tattoo artist Tomasa del Real began recording herself on Photo Booth singing songs she made for fun. She started uploading those videos to YouTube. At the same time, across the ocean in Spain, Ms Nina was doing the exact same thing. Both artists are now considered the biggest names in neoperreo; a new subgenre of reggaeton that was born out of those DIY bedroom recordings across the globe. In this episode of BESE Meets, we explore the underground scene of neoperreo through the voices of the genre’s biggest names: Tomasa del Real, Ms Nina, King Jedet, La Flavia, Ulises Lozano and Rip Txny.



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