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Painter Patssi Valdez, Founding Member of ASCO

by on March 29, 2020 0

In the 1970s, East Los Angeles was placed under excessive police control that bordered on militant occupation. It was under these strained conditions that Patssi Valdez, the feminist Latinx painter, was born and raised. Surrounded by the police brutality, poor education system, and racism that plagued the Latinx community, Valdez began making art with her […]

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Why It’s Time To Retire The Whitewashed Western

by on October 24, 2019 0

The American Western and its cowboy is a myth. In the classic, Hollywood Western—and in the literature it was based on—a white cowboy protagonist surrounded by untamed wilderness and unhinged outlaws saves the day. The genre seemed to embody all the notions that our young country idealized; freedom, the self-determination of men and the promise […]

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