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‘Vida’ Star Chelsea Rendon Talks ICE, Latinx Health—and How She Pulled Off That Emotional Scene

by on May 25, 2020 0

This season marks the final chapter for the Starz show “Vida”, a drama series centered around the lives of two estranged Mexican-American sisters who return to their Los Angeles-based childhood neighborhood of Boyle Heights.  Chelsea Rendon plays activist Mari Sanchez who is trying to save her neighborhood from gentrification and is the younger sister of […]

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Temporary Farmworkers Become More Vulnerable During COVID-19 Pandemic

by on April 21, 2020 0

Crowded housing conditions. Eight or more workers in a trailer home. A country—or more—away from family and friends.  These are some of the conditions H-2A farmworkers—guest workers from other countries—face as they continue to do their jobs as “essential” workers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. These conditions are also why H-2A hires are seen by some […]

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How ‘One Day At A Time’ Helped Latinx Fans Open Up About Mental Health and Coming Out

by on April 7, 2020 0

One Day at a Time (ODAAT), which is now airing its fourth season on Pop TV, is helping provide a visible television outlet for Latinx fans seeking acceptance for stigmas often seen in the Latinx community, including conversations surrounding mental health, LGBTQ+ issues and more.   Through its open dialogue, the show is helping change the […]

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