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Celebrate Self-Love this Valentine’s Day

By Sandy Saravia on February 14, 2021
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Self-love means prioritizing your own health and well-being. Considering we all give and receive love differently, there are many ways to practice self-love. Here are some suggestions on how to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day (and every other day) based on your love language. 

Physical Touch. Relieve some stress by getting a massage at your local spa. If your feel more comfortable staying at home, you can use your regular body lotion, body butter, or some essential oils to massage yourself. 

Words of Affirmation. Remind yourself who you are by reading or writing your own daily affirmations. You can write your own on sticky notes and place them as reminders on a mirror or purchase an affirmation card deck like the “I Am Everything” 30-Card Deck by Tarisha Clark. You can also affirm your life experiences by practicing the art of journaling. 

Quality Time. Learning how to spend alone time with ourselves is one of the most valued practices we can ever embrace. The simplest way to spend quality time with yourself is by doing what you love—you can go for a walk in your local neighborhood or park, go for a drive, take a nap, paint, read a book, listen to a podcast, play your favorite music, whatever brings your joy. The most important thing is that you are scheduling time to rest and reconnect with yourself.

Gifts. See something you like? Treat yourself! Buy yourself some wine, some flowers, some skincare, some sushi. Now, don’t get carried away and get yourself into severe debt, but it’s important to gift yourself something every once and a while. If this is the primary way you receive and show yourself love, calculate it into your monthly budget, so you’re not going overboard.

Acts of Service. This one is truly a labor of love. Need some food? Opt for cooking or baking yourself something special instead of ordering out. Are you looking for a new look? You can try out a new hair color or hairstyle and spend time playing with makeup. Are you feeling stuck and unmotivated? Try decluttering your living space or rearranging your furniture. The best way you can show yourself some love is by doing things you need to do but don’t necessarily feel like doing, like updating your resume, replying to emails, or applying to jobs. So, get it done—your future self will thank you for it! 

All images by: Sandy Saravia



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